• 3D hamstard

    By Zebio

    Hey Connor, why don't you train Xin and LIL' with a 3D figure of me?! You have my face...

  • For lack of a nail...

    By Skull the Troll

    You know - theres no bars on the wall of the cage between us.

  • Halloween shockmancy

    By fulnitus

    my Halloween costume?

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  • Just for the record...

    By ripple

    Just for the record...

  • The Usual, In Four Panels

    By Slicer


  • Pay the Hamster

    By Omnimancer

    Let's talk about money. Specifically, how much erfworld is raking in now.


    By CandleInTheDark

    Bobby Roode has built a whole persona around the word

  • A thing for skulls

    By CandleInTheDark

    I heard you have a thing for skulls.

  • Unmarried, childless, orphaned hamster

    By coineineagh

    As far as i know, i have no living parents or siblings.

  • I'm not crying yo... actually yeah, I am crying.

    By DunkelMentat

    ...that site news...

  • Boop.

    By kaylasdad99

    Fuck cancer.

  • Focus on what's important

    By WurmD

    That fat tub of DMing lard..

  • D.A.R.E. To Say No To Heroine Buds

    By DunkelMentat

    Hey kid, want some Heroine buds?

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  • Sounds nice

    By DunkelMentat

    When you cannot die, there is no such thing as a deadline.

  • Luxury hamstard

    By Zebio

    After reaching milestone 4,

  • Time for bedstard

    By Zebio

    All this rumble about reaching milestone 4...

  • I worked all day

    By DunkelMentat

    It's my birthday!

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  • Tags

    By Knott

    I can't believe I'm the one that has to teach you guys this. Tags are seperated by commas. That is all. Now Scram! Let me sleep off this hangover in peace...

  • Go! Team! Go!

    By Morsious

    So, are you team Marbit or Team Gobwin?

  • Do Condoms Come in Tower Size?

    By Arkaim

    Threesome? ReallY? Look.

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  • Idiot Balls

    By Knott

    What are you looking at?

  • Homage

    By shadowsnail

    Today is a beautiful day to be drinking! As a hamster, drinking is the best part of my day indeed! \ \ \

  • The Flexural Meanings of Flexural

    By Arkaim

    Sit down. shut up. Class is in session.

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  • Eat Me

    By Omnimancer

    Wish i was a hawk so i could eat myself... bet i taste delicious... mm so marbled and fatty... mm hamstard sashimi so juicy... so rich... Yum....

  • I must be having a bad day.

    By DunkelMentat

    We are all trapped in the belly of a gigantic and terrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death

  • We are drowning in the dark

    By DunkelMentat

    you have some thoughts about crypto currencies, huh?

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  • Hamstardcoin

    By Snababo

    I've been thinking about it and we need to take this mining idea one step further

  • Gems are mines!

    By Eclison

    Mining gems, eh?

  • Schroedinger's Shakespearian Cocktail Dilemma

    By Lime Green Medic

    So I see you just refilled my bottle. But with what?

  • Letter grades are dumb

    By DunkelMentat

    I'm taking a midterm exam.