• Would you like the salad bar?

    By MykStreja

    if olive oil is made from olives...

  • I heard they have noodles there.

    By shadowsnail

    Saya adalah penggemar hamster terbesar di Indonesia. Saya mendengar bahwa mereka memiliki mie di sana.

  • tourmedanmurah

    Paket Wisata Medan Murah

    By tourmedanmurah

    Hei kami disini paket tour medan murah, silahkan pilih paket-paket kami

  • I do this way too often.

    By Fla_Panther


  • Spam bots are getting annoying.

    By Vendanna

    All those spam bots want to make me loose fat.

  • Text Update

    By shadowsnail

    Hamstard laid in a smear of his own waste. He had read that a bed of fresh wood shavings would pop at the beginning of the next turn. He was pretty sure that was what he read, but he had shredded the paper and peed on it, so he couldn't be sure. Besides, in the absence of his Ruler, this turn had dragged on for longer than any he had known, and he didn't know if if his side would ever have another.

  • For lack of a nail...

    By Skull the Troll

    You know - theres no bars on the wall of the cage between us.

  • Halloween shockmancy

    By fulnitus

    my Halloween costume?

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  • Just for the record...

    By ripple

    Just for the record...

  • The Usual, In Four Panels

    By Slicer


  • Pay the Hamster

    By Omnimancer

    Let's talk about money. Specifically, how much erfworld is raking in now.


    By CandleInTheDark

    Bobby Roode has built a whole persona around the word

  • A thing for skulls

    By CandleInTheDark

    I heard you have a thing for skulls.

  • Unmarried, childless, orphaned hamster

    By coineineagh

    As far as i know, i have no living parents or siblings.

  • I'm not crying yo... actually yeah, I am crying.

    By DunkelMentat

    ...that site news...

  • Boop.

    By kaylasdad99

    Fuck cancer.

  • Focus on what's important

    By WurmD

    That fat tub of DMing lard..

  • D.A.R.E. To Say No To Heroine Buds

    By DunkelMentat

    Hey kid, want some Heroine buds?

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  • Sounds nice

    By DunkelMentat

    When you cannot die, there is no such thing as a deadline.

  • Luxury hamstard

    By Zebio

    After reaching milestone 4,

  • Time for bedstard

    By Zebio

    All this rumble about reaching milestone 4...

  • I worked all day

    By DunkelMentat

    It's my birthday!

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  • Tags

    By Knott

    I can't believe I'm the one that has to teach you guys this. Tags are seperated by commas. That is all. Now Scram! Let me sleep off this hangover in peace...

  • Go! Team! Go!

    By Morsious

    So, are you team Marbit or Team Gobwin?

  • Do Condoms Come in Tower Size?

    By Arkaim

    Threesome? ReallY? Look.

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  • Idiot Balls

    By Knott

    What are you looking at?

  • Homage

    By shadowsnail

    Today is a beautiful day to be drinking! As a hamster, drinking is the best part of my day indeed! \ \ \

  • The Flexural Meanings of Flexural

    By Arkaim

    Sit down. shut up. Class is in session.

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  • Eat Me

    By Omnimancer

    Wish i was a hawk so i could eat myself... bet i taste delicious... mm so marbled and fatty... mm hamstard sashimi so juicy... so rich... Yum....

  • I must be having a bad day.

    By DunkelMentat

    We are all trapped in the belly of a gigantic and terrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death