How to mine for Erf

Do you want to mine for Erf? Its easy. Step one: Download Things Step two: make things Go Step three: Realize I'm in better shape than your computer.

I'm lucky that this isn't true. However, I feel the pain of others.

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  • Valareos


  • DunkelMentat

    Step[0]: The site team makes a version of the software for unix-like OSes.

  • JadedDragoon


    Technically there already is. It just won't have the Mine4erf scripts with it... so you'll have to configure it by hand. But if you're a *nix user then you're likely a power user that can handle that anyway.

  • Morsious

    Fun fact:


    In Early December, My video card died. I was totally unable to use my computer or anything. 


    So with my Christmas money, I splurged and got a new card with 4 Gigs of memory.


    So lucky me I suppose.