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  • I do this way too often.

    By Fla_Panther


  • Spam bots are getting annoying.

    By Vendanna

    All those spam bots want to make me loose fat.

  • Hungry For Your Lovin'

    By Omnimancer

    It's tough dating as a hamster.

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  • 3D hamstard

    By Zebio

    Hey Connor, why don't you train Xin and LIL' with a 3D figure of me?! You have my face...

  • Text Update

    By shadowsnail

    Hamstard laid in a smear of his own waste. He had read that a bed of fresh wood shavings would pop at the beginning of the next turn. He was pretty sure that was what he read, but he had shredded the paper and peed on it, so he couldn't be sure. Besides, in the absence of his Ruler, this turn had dragged on for longer than any he had known, and he didn't know if if his side would ever have another.

  • For lack of a nail...

    By Skull the Troll

    You know - theres no bars on the wall of the cage between us.

  • Halloween shockmancy

    By fulnitus

    my Halloween costume?

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  • Break in 4

    By fulnitus

    Do i mind standing in the same place for years?

  • Free Calendar Month

    By Omnimancer

    Not sure why erfworld fans would want a pinup calendar when they already got me.

  • Just for the record...

    By ripple

    Just for the record...