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  • Break in 4

    By fulnitus

    Do i mind standing in the same place for years?

  • Free Calendar Month

    By Omnimancer

    Not sure why erfworld fans would want a pinup calendar when they already got me.

  • Just for the record...

    By ripple

    Just for the record...

  • Talking animal sidekicks too

    By Greylok

    You give sentience to one inanimate object...

  • You Can Blame My Brother...

    By Carl

    You know all the Server outages you've been having?

  • Prevent fire. R. B.

    By Ivo

    Do you know this scene in Home alone...

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  • The Usual, In Four Panels

    By Slicer


  • A bad idea whose time came and went.

    By Mad Raven

    A hamstard haiku?

  • Pay the Hamster

    By Omnimancer

    Let's talk about money. Specifically, how much erfworld is raking in now.

  • Hamstard Surpassed!

    By Platonix

    i pride myself on being a bastard. that's no secret; it's right there in the comic's name.

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