• Motivational Poster

    By vreejack

    I'm on hiatus while the art team changes.

  • Hiatus Betting

    By rstoffel

    A two month Hiatus, huh?

  • Seriously, play the lotto or something...

    By Lime Green Medic

    So the job you wanted went to a complete doofus you happen to be friends with.

  • Yer a Wizard, Hamstard

    By HighJumper

    So this huge guy knocked down my cage door the other day.

  • The Real Reaction

    By HighJumper

    I bet you're all here to look at me just 'cause the Big Think is doing it.

  • Stand Up Comedy

    By HighJumper

    Of course the Big Think got their best idea yet from watching me. Everyone should.

  • In memoriam

    By Tualha

    Georgia ... Georgia

  • Job Insecurity

    By Lime Green Medic

    So you finally managed to secure a job.

  • Hamstards Anonymous

    By Lime Green Medic

    I appreciate you switching me back to alcohol from that vinegar and water shit.

  • Takes one to know one

    By Lime Green Medic

    I think I finally have figured out what is wrong with you.

  • Pick-up Lines

    By Newton Stand

    Given sufficient effort, a hamster can pick up a dwagon.

  • You're always here.

    By some hamster

    Go away. I'm busy. Drinking. Until you go away.

  • Gay for Pay

    By some hamster

    I'm thirsty again.

  • Hampster Wood Shavings

    By some hamster

    Apparently, someone has already done a hamster dancing on the internet.

  • Animal Cruelty

    By some hamster

    Seriously, it was a good idea: You dancing naked for me...

  • Another Idea

    By some hamster

    So, pimping me out on a webcam was a disaster.

  • Pimp Me Out

    By some hamster

    So I've come to the conclusion I need to help you make some money.

  • Probably Better

    By some hamster

    I guess I let it slip that I plan on taking over the world someday.

  • True Lame

    By some hamster

    So you were drinking shampoo because you couldn't afford real booze?

  • Bacteria Scream

    By some hamster

    So you found drinking shampoo less than pleasant, huh?

  • Drinking Shampoo

    By some hamster

    You're looking a little frazzled there, buddy.

  • Whole State Short Bus

    By some hamster

    So the gun control folks are calling for even more gun control

  • Obamacare Exact Number

    By some hamster

    For most of its existence, congress claims it hasn't known...

  • Even showed up

    By some hamster

    So, fred phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist "God Hates Fags" church, is dying.

  • Air Thief

    By some hamster

    Stop breathing, air thief.

  • Malaysian_air_traffic

    By some hamster

    So the chinese and the malaysians have lost an entire boeng 777 jumbo jet.

  • The_Good_Stuff

    By some hamster

    Looks like you need to go out and get a job, fatboy.

  • Vet Visit

    By some hamster

    You took me to the vet this morning. I'm more than a little annoyed about that.

  • Russian Invasion Vodka

    By some hamster

    So Russia is invading...where, kiev? Chechnya? Some other frozen hell hole? Ukraine?

  • Piers Morgan Fired

    By some hamster

    So Piers Morgan finally got fired.