• If you shake it more than twice . .

    By Imkadro

    My owner watched a video about the

  • Flying Hamstard

    By Imkadro


  • Now that you mention it...

    By DLcygnet

    Studies show that Hamsters who carry a little extra weight live longer than the Assholes who mention it.

  • Hello my name is CUDDLES

    By Newton Stand

    Create a Hamstard. Like Build a Bear, but waaaay more disappointing. And then I wipe my butt on your receipt.

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  • 'Tis the Season...

    By Ansan Gotti

    So Santa says it's all about the ho-ho-ho's.

  • Cards

    By DLcygnet

    I wanted to Help out with this new Kickstarter they're running.

  • Da truth

    By Spruce

    people feel they have no true freedom. that they are like an animal in a cage.

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  • Shake it

    By AJ Impy

    I'm not actually trapped in a cage. I'm a warden, the cell block is behind me.

  • On Smoking

    By DLcygnet

    I read a study recently...

  • So let's dance

    By balder

    The current

  • Playing Games

    By Newton Stand

    I tried playing Catan. I ate all the grain. And the sheep. And the board. Made a goddamned nest from it. Cardboard.

  • Only a fraction will get this joke.

    By copperhamster

    There is a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.

  • Trust Me

    By DLcygnet

    All Professional Hamsters are Bilingual. I speak English and Profanity.


    By Newton Stand

    I am glad this is not sparta. Greek attitudes to nakedness were different.


    By Dewey the Signamancer

    When in mortal danger, When beset by doubt, Run in little circles, Wave your arms and shout.

  • 2009 Scripts #1 - Rage

    By Lord Hamster

    I'm a seething ball of molten rage.

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  • Hamstard Against Humanity

    By DLcygnet

    So I heard Tools get a free black deck when we hit Milestone 4.

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  • A Hamster's Needs

    By Leopart


  • Hot Air

    By Newton Stand

    The advert for Plush Hamstard says I'm chock full of magic beans.

  • In the Pot, 9 Days

    By DLcygnet

    Some Like it Hot.

  • Hamstard Minus Hamstard

    By Crusader42190


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  • Hamstard Without Hamstard

    By Newton Stand

    So, this Garfield without Garfield thing.

  • This is Sparta

    By DLcygnet

    Regarding a recent strip... Yes, british humor is indeed different.

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  • Do the things.. we like to do

    By standaggs

    Do a little Dance

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  • He's got the bottle for it

    By Newton Stand

    A reader's written to ask some whiny stuff about relationships

  • Do You Even Lift?

    By DLcygnet

    I asked my brother How he managed to not be such a fat hamster.

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  • Hello Darkness my old friend

    By Valareos

    We regret to inform you that Hamstard is taking a day off due to the recent demise of a beloved character. Don't ask us what he is doing to that Bunny Doll

  • Tanned and Toned

    By Newton Stand

    This isn't a Fur pattern on my front.

  • Soviet Hamster III

    By DLcygnet

    In Turn-Based Erfworld, G-String Plays YOU!

  • Grab some popcorn...

    By technojunkie

    Is there really so little on TV that I'm tonights entertainment?